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Other Writings
The first (and only) collection of  poems.  
Included are July and Why do you ask? (On Childhood); I Remember Pappy Dancing, The Streets My Mother Drove, and Shadows (On Memories); Lost Generation and The Ritual (On Politics); and The Guilty and Voices in my Night (On Drugs).
A mix of humorous and serious poems for all ages.
The taming of the shrew goes terribly awry.  Lea loves life on the road and villagers laugh with her.   What can Lanzo do, but admit defeat and send her home? But Lea doesn’t want to go home.
Suitable for all ages. Designed to allow many to participate as villagers and party goers.  Can be used as Readers Theater by classroom groups.  
Available on my blog (with scenes in reverse order).
Available for Kindle.  

Short stories

For Teens
Coming soon.

As a reward for visiting my site, my favorite story  is available here as a PDF.  
Note:  Free Kindle software is available for many devices.
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