Writers Must Learn a Lot!

Nine Best Poems1. (989x1280)I am grateful to have the opportunities to learn fun skills during this time of life.  Some weeks I seem to vegetate and not care if I finish anything.  This week I published two e-books.

Here are some of the things I learned this week.

  • How to upload e-books with images.  Although artwork and color make print books more expensive, they don’t add to the cost of e-books.
  • That one must reload the entire book to correct entering the title wrong (and that Amazon answers Author Central calls quickly).
  • That I can make myself reformat a 70-page book when necessary..
  • That downloaded data files are less apt to crash a program if you hit the “extract all files” button first.
  • How to open a google doc all the way so others can enter data (thank you, Brian Perkins).
  •  That new software does make extracting an image from its background so easy that I can do it.
  • That ciipart.com is fun and can make creating e-book covers a snap.
  • How to access the two blog sites that will get the most results when promoting free books (thank you, Garth Wright)
  • How a professional must feel when one has an editorial due and nothing to say.

Of course, I also discovered some things I don’t know.

  • How to get the correct formatting to show up on an I-phone or i-book.
  • How to format a cast list with names against one margin and description against the other for an e-book.
  • How to change margins for an entire book when Word indicates it has done so but has changed nothing.

I love life as an author in control of producing my own books. And it is great to be a member of the Idaho Authors’ Community and have the help and friendship of forty other authors facing the same challenges.

Now if I just had time to write!





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