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I am proud to be an American author writing of Charlemagne.  I love the idea of a Middle Ages before the rules were written
when the a strong central government retained a tribal culture
when a teacher was so rare that education was open to everyone-young or old, male or female--within access distance
when art, music, and architecture were first flowering in central Europe
I also love writing contemporary fiction, editorials, and educational materials.  I don’t know who I’d be if weren’t writing.
Talks and Workshops
The greatest ruler of Medieval Europe

How did he unite such a vast territory? 
Why do we remember him today?
(A favorite topic for history students) 
Desiderata and Agnes
Women who read and wrote Latin when few did

What choices did they face? 
What difficulties? 
(Good for book clubs and women's groups)
Tools for writers

Plots and subplots

How to get the most from peer critiques,
research tools. and grammar aids?